Autumn Migration

These 3.5 hour 'Autumn Migration RSPB Cruises provide passengers with a fantastic opportunity to be able to watch multitudes of migrating seabirds as they fly south for the winter. We sail in September, when we can expect to see many different species, including Gannets, Fulmars,Terns and a whole variety of Gulls. We always hope that Skuas are never far away. Manx and Sooty Shearwaters can sometimes be seen right alongside the boat.

Arctic Skuas have also regularly been seen on these trips – sometimes in dramatic aerial chases of Gulls and Terns. Other Skuas may also be seen and our searches are often rewarded by sightings of Great Pomarine and Long-tailed Skuas. We are always on the look out for cetaceans and other marine life. 

As most of the seabird movements are welll off shore the cruises tend to sail away from the cliffs at Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs.

"Chum" is used to entice the seabirds to the boat in the hope that the pyratical Skuas will then give chase.

As always volunteers from the Local RSPB group along with expert commentators ensure that all passengers gain the best views of the birds. Both the RSPB and the Yorkshire Belle pride themselves on not filling the boat to capacity to ensure that passengers can move around the boat to enjoy the unique views these trips will give. 

A reminder - these trips need to be booked via the RSPB rather than through the Yorkshire Belle. Please click this link


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