Bridlington has had a long history of boats taking passengers on pleasure cruises to see the spectacular coastline. It began with local fisherman taking passengers out to sea on their fishing cobles during the summer, and then in the 1850’s paddle steamers from Scarborough started visiting Bridlington on day trips.

In 1899 Bridlington got its own paddle steamer Frenchman. From there Bridlington’s pleasure boat fleet grew steadily until its heyday between the 1930’s and 1950’s when at some points there were up to five large pleasure boats including the Yorkshire Belle, Boys own (later re-named The Flamborian), Thornwick, Bridlington Queen and Yorkshireman. There were also a number of smaller vessels such as Princess Marina, Britannia and many more.

The Yorkshire Belle is proud to have been built for and sailed from its home port of Bridlington on the East Yorkshire Coast every year since 1947.

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