Puffin Cruises

This 3 hour cruise is a result of our partnership with RSPB Bempton Cliffs. On this cruise we will sail from Bridlington harbour, ideal for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. You’ll visit the spectacular 400-feet high chalk cliffs at Bempton and Flamborough Head. You’ll get so close (weather dependent) that you will feel you can almost reach out and touch the amazing seabirds. For those with cameras this can be a dream trip.

Bookings for these trips are taken by the RSPB office, details can be found  on the Bempton RSPB webpage or  Tel: 01262 422211 

From April onwards the cliffs of Bempton and Flamborough become packed to the rafters with 250,000 seabirds setting up home for the summer. Take this 3 hour Puffin and Gannet cruise and spot the Puffins on the cliffs or watch them as they bob in the water around the boat. Watch the graceful Gannets with their 6-foot wingspan as they soar overhead, get deafened by the noise of the Kittiwakes with wings that look as if the tips have been dipped in ink and wonder how the amazing Razorbills and Guillemots balance with their young on the narrow cliff ledges.

Expert commentators, together with very experienced volunteers from the RSPB’s East Yorkshire Local Group, are on board each cruise to help you identify the birds and to ensure all passengers have a brilliant experience and are really great for families. 

One of the things that both the RSPB and the Yorkshire Belle pride themselves on is not filling the boat to capacity in order to make sure there is room to move around.

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