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The Yorkshire Belle is now uniquely,  the only pleasure cruiser operating out of Bridlington East Yorkshire taking passengers on seabird cruises to the magnificent  colonies of Flamborough Head, Bempton Cliffs and the newly emerging colonies in  Filey Bay. 

Over 250,000 Seabirds come to breed on the northerly side of Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs, so to really see this amazing spectacle, the 1.15hr trip to Breil Newk or the longer Bempton Cliffs or Filey Bay cruises give the greatest views. Take a look at the Seabird Gallery to get an idea of the photographic opportunities from the Yorkshire Belle.

All cruises have live commentary and on many trips volunteers or crew membesr will help passengers on deck see the birds and ensure that all can see the 8 breeding species of the cliffs. 

No wonder the Belle is often referred to as the 7th View Point of Bempton Cliffs

Not all the birds can be seen on the Cliffs  for the whole season so please check before you sail.

If you are particularly wishing to see the Auk family, (Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills) or  the smaller Kittiwakes, then you need to remember to sail on what could be described as a Puffin Cruise during May to July.

If you are wanting to see the largest seabird, the Gannet,  then the longer cruises to Bempton Cliffs or Filey Bay  April through to September should provide good views for you of this magnificent bird. 

The Yorkshire Belle has partnered with the RSPB at Bempton Cliffs for over 25 years now, offering RSPB Seabird Cruises on specific dates from May till end of September, which the RSPB advertise, these trips are booked through the RSPB  and details can be found on their website.  

This year these trips will include the traditional Puffin Cruises, Glorious Gannets trips plus Skua & Shearwater Cruises.

If you sail on board the Yorkshire Belle,  you should be able to see and photograph (at exceptionally close quarters) the eight breeding species of the East Yorkshire Coastline.

Here are some links to help you (provided by the RSPB)  identify the birds we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep. 

You may wish to take a look at this excellent video taken by Northern Ariel Film Productions from Sheffield, who show a Bird's Eye View of Flamborough Head and Coastline

We have been delighted to form partnerships with many of the organisations working to promote Nature Tourism in East Yorkshire. 






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